Pregnancy is hard.

I have been so very blessed during this pregnancy.
I really shouldn't complain.
There are people that have to endure so much worse.
A few check ups ago, my doctor asked if I had any complaints. I said no, just like I told the nurse who checked me in. Just like I do every visit because every symptom I have is a normal part of pregnancy. So why complain.
He sat down (which he never does) and said, "I don't believe that you have gone 32 weeks and can't think of one complaint. Come on girl...give me something.".
{Open Flood Gates}
Well, I can't sleep and my back and hips hurt sometimes.
The easiest tasks are exhausting.
I get out of breath so fast.
I think all of my weight gain is in my boobs...they are so heavy.
{and bring on the tears}
I worry constantly about my baby.
Is she kicking enough?
Will she be healthy?
What if something happens to her?
He laughed and assured me that that is exactly how I should be feeling.
He told me that he wants to know those things and that I don't have to wait for something major to be wrong to complain.
He told me that pregnancy was hard...even a healthy pregnancy like mine comes with heartaches and complaints.
He is right. Just because I have come this far and are complication free doesn't mean I have to suppress my feelings. This has been amazing but it has been and is really hard. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't complain because it is so much harder for other women. And this is what I wanted...so I should only be grateful. Well...I can be grateful and whiny all at the same time.
Lesson for today: Don't compare your life to anyone eles'. Just feel what you feel.


This was written a couple of weeks ago and I never published it. No idea why...I just hit "save" and moved on.  Anyway, I do have a complication now. Gestational Diabetes. I know it isn't the end of the world and I am lucky that I only have a few weeks left but its still hard.  I have a strict diet to follow and must check my blood sugar 4 times a day. That isn't the hard part. The hard part is that it was out of my control. I thought I was doing everything I could to keep my baby safe {eating healthy and lots of exercise...way more than before I was pregnant}.  I know that she will be fine and so will I...it was just a hard pill to swallow.  That is all on the subject for now...will report back when this all settles in.


Summer Lovin': Jessica & Washington D.C.

After our trip to Vermont our next stop was Fredericksburg, VA to my BFF Jessica's house. 
Jessica and I have been friends since I can remember and I love that we still keep up. Even if it is years between visits we always manage to pick back up where we left off! Her and her hubby were sweet enough to let us crash with them and Jess was an excellent tour guide.

This trip included:

1. Turtle Rescuing 
We saw this cute little guy and stopped to move him/her (how does one tell the difference with turtles) out of the road. 

2. Touring Battle Fields

3. Relaxing with the dogs! 

Like most children...dogs really love Will!

4. Eating at the Melting Pot.

5. Monumentapalooza
We visited all the local Monuments! It was a great day in D.C.

Oh Hello...White House!

They were working on the reflecting pool...how rude. They should have checked with me first!

Proof that we were together...these are the only pictures of the 2 of us!

6. Trying Conveyor Belt Sushi! 
It was awesome! Just reach out grab what you want!! 

7. Some Museum Fun!

8. Plenty of couch sitting and relaxing! 

This was a great trip and it was nice for Jess and I to finally meet each other's husbands.



I'm 29 today.
I'm currently sitting on the couch in my favorite robe (it belonged to my late grandfather),
Drinking hot cocoa,
Thinking about my life,
And being so happy for where I am.

Loving husband (I'm not just saying that...he is so incredibly thoughtful and kind),
Roof over my head (there is something so rewarding about paying a mortgage instead of rent),
Sweet baby in my belly,
Puppy curled up at my feet,
and surrounded our amazing family and friends!

Things couldn't be better.
Bring on 29...I'm ready! Something tells me this could be the best year of my life thus far!


Revisiting the Mail Bag

I used to LOVE letter posts. I haven't done one in fa-evah.  You can see my previous ones here, here and here!

Dear Baby Daddy,
There are no words to express the love that I have for you right now. You have been so incredibly supportive during this pregnancy. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You put in a full day (sometimes a double) then you come home and lay trim or paint a room. I'm sure that there are times that you feel that you are working around the clock and you kinda are. Know that all that work is appreciated! The house is looking GREAT and the nursery is perfect! You are going to be a great Daddy and I can't wait have this baby and love and raise her with you.
PS...thanks for the foot/back rubs. Keep 'em coming! :)

Your Baby Mama

Dear Family,
Y'all are good people. No, y'all are GREAT people. From supporting and loving us (and visiting me many times) while we were away to being here for us now, you guys are amazing! Ripping down wallpaper (all 4 layers) and endless painting helped us so very much. Not only have y'all supported us physically but you guys are really THERE for us. I try to be a big girl about this pregnancy thing and I try not to wear everyone out by talking about it too much. I don't try very hard with the you guys. I complain sometimes and share every weird little symptom! But y'all never tell me that y'all are tired of hearing about what the baby is doing now, or that you guys would rather not know that my boobs are leaking (yeah...that happens. No one told me either.). Y'all just roll with it. I am fairly certain that it is all genuine and if its not you people are great actors.  I also love how much all of you love this baby.  You are all so excited for her arrival and that just warms my heart. The Aunts (Great Aunts too), Grandmas, Grandpas and cousins have already showered her with some gifts. I love all of you!

Kimmie and Will

Baby Willberly,
We are so excited for you to get here. Just don't be trying to bust out early. Excited yes...ready no.  Plus...the longer you stay put the healthier you will be! If you MUST come early just wait till after the baby shower. (We will, of course be happy whenever she comes :) Also, you keep kicking. I love it. Even in the middle of the night. It eases my worry about you (and girl, do I worry...). However, if you could steer clear of my bladder that would be fabulous. I know that I am probably going to get really uncomfortable soon.  I might say less about how much I love being pregnant and get a little more complainy.  Please know that no matter how bad this gets...I'm happy to be carrying you. No matter how hard labor and delivery may be I know that it is worth it.  I wanted nothing more than to be pregnant so there will be no regrets. Though, if you could make sure and stay head down and not go too much over 7 pounds, I would soooo appreciate that. See you in 7ish weeks.


You are the bestest puppy ever! You do have gas that could literally knock people out but can ignore that because you are so darn sweet. Thank you for being my napping buddy and knowing when I really need you to be lazy with me. I love it when you lick my toes...ok I hate but if you stopped I am pretty certain that I would miss it too much.  Please continue to be a good puppy so that we can keep you after the baby comes. I have dreams of you 2 being great friends!

Your Human Mama

That is all for now but I have so many more to share...stay tuned!


Calling all Mommies...Again: The Hospital Bag

So I am starting to think about my hospital bag...
It is hard for me to even say that.
Could I really be to this point already.
Packing my hospital bag.
It just sounds absurd.
Anyway, I am 8 weeks (single digits...whaaat?) away from my due date so I thought that I should start gathering up all the things that I might need.

What was in your bag?
Did you really need everything you brought?
What did you wish that you had/or left at home?

I have looked at some checklist online and in some of the books that I have read and it seems like some of them are over doing it.  I was thinking of taking my small weekender bag and from the looks of some of these lists I need a large suit case. I mean...if I need it I will bring it. I just don't want to over pack. I tend to do that. I know Will needs things to and that we need a few things for the baby.


Y'all hooked me up with some great advice before so I thought I would turn to you guys again!


Summer Lovin': The 4th Vermont Style

Our last New England excursion included a Trip up to Vermont (with our very pregnant friend, lovable toddler and her Husband...you can read her here) to visit some friends that had recently moved from the Boston area. 
A nice little reunion/goodbye.
It was perfect. 
Great weather.
Great food.
Great people.
I would say that the highlight of the trip was renting a boat and spending the entire day at the lake. 
It was magical. Really. Ask anyone that was there. It was seriously the best day ever.
I don't have many pics (too busy having the time of my life) but here they are...(all with a cell...don't judge)

Our handsome boat driver...and our friend M in the background making us a reservation for a great dinner!

Beautiful Day!

Our awesome friends!

A short rain storm kept us inside so the boys got creative!

Its not the 4th of July until you have eaten something red, white and blue and it usually needs to include blueberries and strawberries. Am I right?

It started raining again before the fireworks so we watched from the car...It was still a good time!

That my friends is a Vermont 4th! It was so hard to say goodbye to our friends! Many tears were shed as we left them on our last night together.  In fact as we were leaving Boston (we wanted to get south of the city to get a jump on our travels) I lost it and sobbed uncontrollably. Leaving Texas to move to Boston was the hardest thing I had ever done.  That is until I left Boston to move back to Texas.

Belly Photos (30 Weeks)

OK. People have asked and I am FINALLY giving in.

Presenting the Self Take Pregnancy Photo Shoot
30 Weeks

Team Willberly!

I have to admit...I kinda love my bump! 


Pregnancy Week By Week: First Trimester

I have been keeping little notes about this pregnancy and I decided that I wanted to share them here!

When I found out that we were pregnant I had ZERO symptoms! I attribute this to the fact that I believed that there was no way that I could be pregnant, ya know, some women are looking for the early signs and I just wasn't. Anyway, I haven't had all the classic symptoms but some have come to the party!

Week 5  Late period and positive pregnancy test on Sunday, July 31st. We were completely surprised! Read our story here!
Week 6-7 Happily pregnant! No morning sickness but I did notice a heighten sense of smell. I was constantly saying, "Ewe, what's that smell?" or "Oh! What smells so good!". 
Week 8-10 {Enter Morning Sickness Here} It was a difficult couple of weeks and this is about the time that we started staying in our new house but without furniture and we were working a lot. It wasn't an easy time but certainly not unmanageable.  It usually passed by 1 or 2pm so I didn't even lose the entire day.  One other usual suspect showed up...breast tenderness. They were pretty sore and felt like the weighed 10lbs each! But...they looked great so it wasn't all bad!
Week 11-13 Rocking right a long! Anxious for our first doctor's appointment...which was in week 13! The nurse had some trouble finding the heartbeat which was so very scary.  They did an ultrasound right away and found that our baby was fine. That was the most amazing moment. Things got very real very fast. Seeing that squirmy image on the screen changed us both...in a good way. Symptom wise, other than being sleepy (yay for naps!) and having sore boobs I had no complaints!

Also this trimester...I lost some weight which was great! I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and to hear that my weight loss was not only perfectly normal, but healthy as well, was great news! We started sharing the news after the doctor's appointment and everyone was/is very excited! One thing about my family...we love us some babies!! 


Making a House a Home: Part One

Our house has "Good Bones" or that is what our realtor said.
This is a cool way to say that it was beyond out dated but has a great layout and solid structure.
Which translates into "this is gonna be a lot of work".
Which is exactly what we wanted.  Something we could make our own and we could do it in our own time.
Then we found out we were pregnant.
Suddenly, all this time we had turned in to 9 months.
No regrets...we just might not get to everything.
We have already made so many changes and I am loving it!

Dining area before...
Please note that there were 3 layers of wallpaper in the kitchen and dining area...
We removed all the wallpaper {thanks to my family}! We also hired a contractor to remove the popcorn texture on the ceiling and have it re textured then they also did the texture on the kitchen walls!

Then the painting began!

I love the color!

We need to decorate, refinish the cabinets and put up crown molding but I love my kitchen!

Laundry room before...

We found this great blue paint at Lowes for $5 I couldn't wait to get it on the walls!
{Always check the paint department for mistinted paint...this was a great find!}

My sweet Mama helping us out!!

It really tuned out great...but it didn't take me long to get sick of looking at those shelves...

My sister found this great fabric when we were Black Friday shopping so I made these curtains {I did 3 panels to make it easier to get behind them.} for less than $5.
Laundry room makeover for 10 bucks!!
{We also pulled the contact paper off of the existing shelves and just painted them with paint for the trim which we already had. Also, I used a shower curtain rod that was left behind by the previous owner to hang the curtain. So literally this room cost us $10}

We really do love this  house and really have enjoyed making all these changes!


Summer Lovin': Bar Harbor, ME

Summer 2011 was the best summer of my life. 
I can't believe how much we did, saw and experienced in such a short time. 
This post will be the first in a mini series of our Summer adventures!
After my last day of work {at the apartment complex in Revere} We hit the road running and spent one night in hotel then Bar Harbor, Maine/Acadia National Park! 
Have you ever been? You should...it is gorgeous!
We had a great campsite by the water. That view was exactly what I needed to unwind.

There are times that I think I could live like this forever...I really love camping!

This trip included lots of relaxing, reading, floating, hiking, carriage riding and so many other things that we love.

See...don't we look happy!

We even made a little friend!

We spent a couple of days in Bar Harbor.  It is a great waterfront town with lots of shops and great places to eat! I must recommend Cafe This Way! Very tasty!

We also spent a good bit of time up here...

on Cadillac Mountain!

This is a terrible picture of me but such a great memory.  We were trying to get some good pictures but it was so windy up there! This is the best we could do!

Another place I would recommend is the Jordan Pond House.  The food is amazing and so is the view.

There was a bit of a wait so explored the area around the restaurant...so beautiful!

One day was spent sailing away in the harbor...

it was so much better than any word I have in my vocabulary. 

Really...It was so great!

This is us again on Cadillac Mountain. We are now members of the Sunrise Club! 

A truly breathtaking experience!

Totally worth getting up at 3AM and freezing on the top of a mountain.

We both had a great time and this post doesn't begin to capture it all...